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 SHOT Members

Breed are listed in the following running order:

A, Ba, B, GE, G, IW, IG, R, S, W

& last but not least, our Wannabes!

Celeste Eisele

Breed:  Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound- Qamari's Redstone Rocket LCM


Photo by Shot on Site

Al & Colin Godwin

Breed:  Basenji

Jeff & Amy Buerckley

 Breed:  Borzoi

Borzoi - FC C'Lestial Madonna Lily SC JC CGC TDInc
Photo by Dave Mills

Jill & Steven Woith

 Breed:  Borzoi

Pete & Jane Schreiber

 Breed:  Borzoi

Hilda Schneps

 Breed:  Borzoi

Frank & Wendy Erdman

 Breed:  Borzoi

Borzoi - MBIF FC Silkenswift Shimmer in the Night MC LCX CGC FcH GRC


Photo by Michael McNamer

Cathy Schuchman

Breed:  Greyhound

Evelyn Jones

Breed:  Wannabe

Greyhound - Maximillion Von Deville FCh SC


Photo by Steve Surfman

Randy & Patty Rimby

Breed:  Ibizan Hound

Diana Vreeken & Doug Henry

Breed:  Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound - CH In Again Out Again Finnagin SC TDI CGC RN VC


Photo by Shot on Site



Monica Gallier

Breed:  Irish Wolfhound


Irish Wolfhound - Guinness Stout of Mountain Mist FCh SC RN CGC


Photo by Patrick McNeil

Janet Queisser

Breed:  Irish Wolfhound

Tom and Candace Gartland

Breed:  Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rhodesian Ridgeback - GCH DC Toroa's Devil With The Blue Dress SC FCH  TD


Photo by Pupaupazzi

Beverly Griffith

Breed:  Saluki

Sauki - Am Can Ch Padtheway's Envoy to Sarea JC FCh CGC

Gary Roush

Breed:  Saluki

Saluki - Jen Araby Talisman, FCh


Amber Dillon

Breed:  Saluki & Wannabe

Laurel Morgan

Breed:  Scottish Deerhound

Lori Stebritz

Breed:  Whippet

Whippet - MBIF FC Coast to Coast Frisco Kid MC LCX LCM3 VLCM


Photo by Diane Lewis

George & Michelle Evans

Breed:  Whippet

Whippet - FC Chesara Jaytea Ptarmigan FCh SC ARX CR OTR


Photo by Steve Surfman

Edith Overly

Breed:  Whippet

Mark & Robin Asselin

Breed:  Whippet

Rita Phoenix

Breed:  Beagle (Wannabe)

Heather Antill

Breed:  Wannabe

Doberman - CH HyTymes Just Here For A Good Time RN CAA CGC


Photo by Linda Davis

Cathy Dodgen

Breed:  Wannabe

Tina Cimo

Breed:  Wannabe



All photographs are property of SHOT Members and are not to be duplicated without written consent